What to do if the live stream image is erratic or freezes

Because of changes currently taking place in the Internet, the live view stream may not display properly on desktop computers.

This is more likely with the Chrome and Firefox browsers.  It is not a problem with Safari on Apple devices.

It is suggested:

  • Change to the Microsoft Edge browser which is built into Windows 10, Internet Explorer (in earlier Windows), or to Safari on Apple computers.
  • Or use an Android or iOS device.
  • Alternatively, re-install Flash Player in your browser:

Re-installing Flash Player:

First, check whether both Flash is installed and JavaScript enabled by going to the following pages:


Both of these have to be installed/enabled.

If one or both is not, then follow the instructions on the above pages and after this is done check again that they are installed/enabled.

A re-installed Flash Player should be beneficial with other websites as well

We apologise for this temporary inconvenience.
Compatibility for Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers without Flash installed is coming soon to this website.