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9 January 2017:  Spectacular storm and cloud formations. Pacific Eden departing.

See great photos of the storm in the Xanax To Buy

8 May 2015: This is the busiest part of Sydney Harbour

1 & 6 April 2015: Moving clouds and changing light on city buildings

8 May 2015: Softly fading light, dusk, city lights coming on and ships departing

26 January 2016:  Australia Day celebrations.      Buy Real Xanax

1 March 2015: Surging cloud formations in storm rolling across the Sydney CBD

Ferry passenger falls overboard 15 March 2017 (4 mins)

Just after the damaging tornado in the suburb of Kurnell (not in picture)

Australia Day 26 Jan 2016: Watch the master of the yellow and green ferry under the bridge
get his vessel home, pushing his way across the marauding fleet – Bully Boy or Hero?

16 June 2016: Rainbow colours in memory of the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre

29 May 2016: Two hours compressed into two minutes


Fog spurting through Harbour Bridge and shooting down Sydney Harbour

4 May 2015: Plenty of fireworks in this part of Sydney throughout the year

Ecuadorian sail training ship Guayas arriving – 2 min timelapse version below
(Can You Buy Xanax In Uk for 8 1/2 min normal speed version) 

Lightning strikes Sydney Tower

Tenacious , the largest operative wooden ship in the world  

29 May 2016: Two hours compressed into two minutes

Fireworks from Opera on the Harbour reflected on city office building 24 March 2017