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And thank you so very much, because of you every week day morning at 5.42am aus time I can see the train crossing the bridge that my son is on going to work, I can’t say how much joy that brings to me – silly I know – but it still amazes me that I can sit here in the UK and see the train my son is on in real time across the other side of the world, and that’s all down to you. Thank you, it really is appreciated.     United Kingdom

I would like to thank you very much for your absolutely perfect webcam at Sydney Harbour.  My wife and I just visited Australia and Sydney for the second time.  We really miss the city and the goings-on in the Circular Quay area.  I check your website at least once a day to keep at least some contact with your wonderful city.  Thanks again and we send you greetings from Tucson.      Arizona.

I was amazed when I searched for Sydney Webcam to find a new one at the top of the Google search, yours………and what a site (sight) it is!!  You have such a beautiful view of the harbour, no wonder everyone loves it. All Sydney webcamers have been making a valiant effort to provide good scenes for the expats, holidayers and Sydneysiders but yours is a peach.  i really enjoyed visiting your site!     Australia

… your fantastic live cam overlooking Sydney Harbour.  It’s very restful and makes me long to return!     Honolulu

I love watching your time lapse videos and all the Sydney live streams.

The  – Most Beautiful –  World Acclaimed Sydney Harbour  – and a striking quintessential webcam vista.  Congratulations and so appreciated .     United Kingdom

Love this cam! What a spot you have there…  I’m an ex-sydneysider living away and it’s nice to see what’s happening at home!

Was just watching you change the view of the Ovation of the Seas. Thanks for a wonderful year of your webcam yet again.    United Kingdom

I absolutely love your website.

E… told me about this camera so had to check it out!  Great work! Love the time lapse function, fun to see how the sun rises and sets:) Will show my little preschool kids where my relatives in Australia live. Think they will love to see all the action in the harbour displayed on a big wall, thank you for doing this!     Sweden

My (elderly) parents have just gone off on the Noordam for their first cruise and I was able to see them head out under the bridge and past the Opera House thanks to your great webcam.  Thanks for having the live feed. The best bit is they were standing amidships just below the lifeboats to wave to the camera so thanks to your photo I can actually see them! You’ve made my evening.     Australia


I am an elderly  pensioner and can very rarely leave the house, I have just found your cam of the Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay and wow what entertainment it is for me…its much, much, better than fantastic & brilliant… Thank you for reading my email, you don’t know how this will change the boredom of my life. I feel privileged to be able to use [this service]. It has certainly lifted my life, I along with many others I’m sure, wish you all the best.     Australia

I have your webcam on a large hi def monitor so I can see the city I love and to motivate me to work harder to get back.    United Kingdom

Since early May I’m an Australian expatriate living in Europe, not by choice but necessity. Your webcam picture is called up a lot of times when I get homesick. Each time I’m grateful for it. Thank you so much for your service.    Germany

Watching some of your footage here in the UK, and just wanted to say thank you. What a miracle, I can watch the Harbour live! It’s something my grandparents could not have even imagined. A real, simple pleasure.     United Kingdom

I have visited your beautiful country on three occasions and have spent a total of two months there. Your view of Sydney shows the hotel where my wife and I stayed on our visit to Sydney. I look at your live cam at least two or three times a day.    Ohio, USA

I’ve lived in Sydney my entire life but still can’t get enough of that view…. You’re very lucky!    Australia

Wonderfull Town Sydney thank you.     Germany

I just wanted you to know how fantastic your webcam site is and how much it is helping me feel closer to my son who just left for a year in Sydney/ Australia.
Without being too obviously ‘stalky’ and needy I can feel a little happier!
Xx.     United Kingdom

You wouldn’t believe how much pleasure your cam brings to me considering my situation…I watch it every day with no exceptions…I would say at least average  6 hours a day…I see things I can’t get to see…there may be plenty of larger ports in the world but nothing as spectacular as (Our Sydney Harbour) by day or night. I use it with a program called marine traffic , that gives me the name of every ship/craft, as it passes through your cam.   Australia

Sydney’s Eyes!    Australia

Re YouTube video:  Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Bali

Sergio Bike mechanic
Want live there. Please help me !

Awesome Video! Love it.