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A minute later a second object on a similar trajectory passed behind the skyline.

Was it a second meteor?

Read the text below for the answer

Was the lower trajectory a second meteor?
Was the lower trajectory a second meteor?

No, it was not two meteors.  There was only one!  The first one.

Just regard the second part of this video as a novelty.

The first in this video is a meteor.  This one was seen from many parts of the south east coast of Australia and near inland.  Hundreds witnessed the spectacular event and it was captured on numerous dashcams and phones and received wide media coverage.

Initially I thought that the second object moving right across the sky was a meteor also, but it appears to have been a passing helicopter.

Two meteors were too good to be true!  Similar trajectories.  It would have been a momentous phenomenon.

The first meteor was in view for 4 seconds and the second “meteor” – the helicopter – took 34 seconds to cross the field of view of the camera.   A meteor would have been much faster.

Video taken by webcamsydney.com camera