NEW  9 January 2017:  Spectacular storm and cloud formations. Pacific Eden departing.

See great photos of the storm in the Sydney Morning Herald

8 May 2015: This is the busiest part of Sydney Harbour

1 & 6 April 2015: Moving clouds and changing light on city buildings

1 March 2015: Surging cloud formations in storm rolling across the Sydney CBD

Ferry passenger falls overboard 15 March 2017 (4 mins)

Fog spurting through Harbour Bridge and shooting down Sydney Harbour

4 May 2015: Plenty of fireworks in this part of Sydney throughout the year

8 May 2015: Softly fading light, dusk, city lights coming on and ships departing

Just after the damaging tornado in the suburb of Kurnell (not in picture)

Ecuadorian sail training ship Guayas arriving – 2 min timelapse version below
(Click Here for 8 1/2 min normal speed version)


26 January 2016:  Australia Day celebrations.      Spectacular panorama photo plus info

Australia Day 26 Jan 2016: Watch the master of the yellow and green ferry under the bridge
get his vessel home, pushing his way across the marauding fleet – Bully Boy or Hero?

Lightning strikes Sydney Tower

29 May 2016: Two hours compressed into two minutes

16 June 2016: Rainbow colours in memory of the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre

Tenacious , the largest operative wooden ship in the world  

Fireworks from Opera on the Harbour reflected on city office building 24 March 2017

29 May 2016: Two hours compressed into two minutes